Uanlauo Foldable Baby Playpen Safety Play Yard for Toddler Review

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When small children start crawling is a milestone for their growth and development. But anything in the house or outdoor can pose potential safety risks because they climb, open and touch anything they encounter. Rather than being stressed, you can freely let six months old toddlers crawl and play safely without reaching out to dangerous places by screening them off using a playpen. A playpen is an effective children’s fence that will guard them against potential hazardous places.Every parents needs to know when to stop using playpen this is also effectively for kids.
Playpens are manufactured from different types of materials and are also designed in different shapes. However, the most ideal factors to consider before purchasing any playpen are the quality of construction, convenience, reliability, and safety. One of the best playpens that would meet the standards mentioned above is Uanlauo foldable baby playpen. Read on to learn how effective this product is from the review below.

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 27 x 11 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 29.4 Pounds
  • Manufacturer recommended age ‏ : ‎ 12 months - 3 years {Toddler}
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ PPF-015B
  • Brand: Uanlauo

Uanlauo foldable baby playpen Review

With an over 75% 5 star rating from Amazon customer review, the Uanlauo foldable baby playpen is definitely the best solution for keeping hazard areas out-of-bound for toddlers. This toddler play yard enhances the safety of the toddlers at home and encourages peace and comfort for many parents at home because of the following reasons;

Easy to Set up and take-down

The foldable baby playpen is manufactured with state-of-art-design in mind. It features buckles that allow you to easily assemble and take down the toddler play yard within seconds. Assembling and taking down the toddler play yard does not require any skills or experience. Simply take two fence panels and join the upper ends with the buckle to assemble and remove the buckle to take them down. In addition, the buckles also allow you to configure multiple extensions if you intend to enlarge the play center, fit rooms of various sizes, and set up out-bound areas like the fireplace.

It is Convenient

Many parents who have already bought the Foldable playpen baby, have had an easy time with kids at home due to its design. The play center is wide or can be configured with extensions to provide the toddler with enough place to play and explore around comfortably. Or, more to the point, it is convenient because it allows you to easily fold and take down the toddler play-center for storage or pack and travel with it and hang out with your kid outdoors.
Moreover, it also comes with attractive and brightly colored balls for psychological and mental stimulation. The attractive attention from the balls is significant for their mood because they are spontaneous which makes them cheerful.

Enhanced safety and User-friendly

You can take shower, cook, do laundry or attend to other issues without worries because you trust your baby with this foldable baby playpen while playing in the enclosure. It is user-friendly and completely safe because the edges and corners are round, eliminating protrusion, sharp, and pointed edges making it harmless for the toddlers to touch with naked hands. Hence, risks or chances of your kid outfit getting entangled/stuck by the middle panels or injured are minimized by the round edges and corners.
The baby’s safety has also been prioritized by the high panel which makes it difficult to climb up. Furthermore, the holdings are slip-resistance because they are fitted with rubbers underneath the yard to enhance sturdiness.

Long-lasting and environmental friendly

Besides being easy to set up and takedown, the foldable playpen baby is manufactured from a good quality material that meets audience and environmental safety standards. The HDPE material used to construct this toddler play yard is non-recyclable, BPA and odor-free, and non-toxic to both audience and the environment. In fact, it is also wear-resistant and easy to clean because its structure is strong due to the moulding technology used for bonding the panel structures.

Pros of Uanlauo foldable baby playpen

  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Convenient and portable.
  • It is user-friendly and non-hazardous to the environment.
  • Easy to configure multiple extensions.
  • Besides being sturdier, it is wear-resistant and easy to clean

Cons of Uanlauo foldable baby playpen

  • It is cumbersome since it weighs 29.4 pounds.
  • With a height of 12-inches, some children can outgrow and climb up easily

Product Features

  • The panels are straightforward to assemble and easy to configure.
  • Foldable designed for easy set-up and takedown and to enhance portability and storage.
  • The holdings are fitted with rubbers underneath the yard for sturdiness and slipping resistance.
  • Round edges without sharp points, projections, and entanglement to eliminate risks for hazards.
  • The buckle design allows for multiple extension setup, enlargement of the play-center, and setting-off-out-bounds areas.
  • It is manufactured from HDPE material that is BPA-free, durable, and easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Question

If you intend to add extension simply insert the buckle to join the upper and lower corner ends of each opposite joint, but ensure you have secured them tightly by pushing them down and locking them in. When you want to remove it, use a flat head screwdriver to pop the top locks and the bottom feet off to separate them.
You may purchase additional extensions or panels on the Amazon website.
When assembled it can cover or take a space of about 19.14 sq ft or 53” by 52”.
To unfold a foldable playpen baby, simply take down the grey buckle on the top, then you can fold it.
It can hold a maximum of 4 younger infants and babies working on tummy, but it can hold about 2-3 babies that are rolling and crawling. More than that they will crawl or roll on one another.


Uanlauo foldable baby playpen is worth investing your hard-earned money into and you will be grateful for long-lasting service. Nevertheless, it is also a lifesaver for a new mom who multi-tasks at the same time because it comes with colored engravings that will keep them busy and happy. Unlike the design of this playpen makes sure your baby’s arms and feet don’t get trapped and you won’t detect any lousy odor since it is free from odor and BPA.Uanlauo foldable baby playpen is one of the best baby playpen for Toddler.

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