When To Stop Using Baby Swing [Ultimate – Guide ]

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Are you an expecting parent, or know someone who is expecting a baby within the next nine months? Congratulations! You may have already started shopping for things you need for your baby or some things you can purchase as a gift for someone else. Have you thought of adding a baby swing to your list? You may not have thought of it because if you have a rocker, you could easily rock your baby to sleep, right? That’s true but baby swings are beneficial for your baby and could free up your hands for you to do other things. It’s okay if you have a lot of questions. One of those questions may be when to stop using the baby swing. Another question may be when should you stop using a baby swing? That’s what this guide is for to walk you through everything you need to know about a baby swing.

What is a Baby Swing?

If you’re expecting your first child, you may not be familiar with baby swings and what they are unless your parents used them for you when you were a child. Don’t be confused between a bouncer and a baby swing. While a bouncer is also a great place to put a baby down for a few minutes, most bouncers don’t provide constant bounces. Some baby swings will play music while other swings will play music, vibrate, and rock the baby at the same time.

Why Do Babies Need Swings?

If you have to use the restroom or get something from another room and you’re by yourself, it can be scary not knowing where to put the baby. You want the baby to feel safe and you want to know where they are at all times. To avoid the fear and worry that parents get, they put their baby in a swing for a few minutes. It’s okay to do that because you know your baby is in a safe place and you can get your baby once you’re settled. Another purpose for a baby swing is for fussy babies.

When To Stop Using Baby Swing ?

Now that you are aware of the age and weight that you shouldn’t go over when placing your baby in the swing, there are steps to follow to further answer your question about when should you stop using a baby swing. At 3 months, it’s better to place the infant in a swing to take a nap. From birth to three months, if your baby were to fall asleep for a nap, your baby would be at a risk for SIDS. Babies that are around 11 months or older are not suitable for baby swings. It also depends on your baby’s body. If you can tell that your baby is bigger than the swing can hold, it’s time to either sell it or give it to someone who needs it. When going shopping, it’s best to purchase a swing that your baby can grow into. Another factor that plays into the question, of how long babies use swings, is recalls. You’ll find out about recalls through the news or through other moms and dads that have heard about recalls. If the swing that you purchased is under a recall, then you need to stop using it immediately.
when to stop using baby swing

Baby Swing Safety Tips

One tip is to always leave the swing on the floor. When you have to do a little cleaning and your baby won’t let you put them down, your first thought may be to place the swing on top of the counters. If you’re a new parent and you want to watch your baby all the time. it still isn’t good to swing your baby on counter space. The swing could fall with the baby inside it or the baby could slip out of the swing and land on the floor. Another tip is to always put a seatbelt on the baby before you walk away even if you’re only stepping away for a second. Scary things could happen if the baby is not buckled in so please play it safe. Baby swings are best to soothe a fussy child or have somewhere safe to place the baby. Don’t ever let your baby sleep overnight in the swing. That last tip will move right into the next question that you’re all wondering, how long do babies use swings?

How Long Should a Baby Stay in a Swing?

How long do babies use swings? When should you stop using a baby swing? These are great questions. We’ll cover the first question throughout this section. We’ll go over the next you have in the next section so hang tight. As discussed in the previous section, it is highly recommended that you put your baby in the swing for no more than 30 minutes at a time. With the movement and lullabies playing, your baby will sleep. You don’t want them to sleep more than the recommended time they should be sleeping. Another cause for concern is their head. If they’re in the swing too long, their head could be flattened. Babies need tummy time, older babies need playtime, and you’re also working with them at the same time helping them develop their strength.

Baby Swing Age and Weight Recommendations

Earlier you had a question, which was when should you stop using a baby swing? To know when to stop using a baby swing, age and weight play a lot of factors into that question. Some swings do not want babies in their swings that are over 35 pounds. Things could happen. The swing could break or the baby’s body would be too long for the swing to hold him or her. As far as age is concerned, babies that are infants to around 6 months old are most likely to use any type of swing.

Final Verdict

Now that you are aware of when to stop using baby swings, you may be more mindful when looking at different baby swings. When you’re looking at the many different swings to purchase or to add to your registry, you will know what to look for. You should look for age/weight requirements, warnings, or any recalls that may have been related to a swing you’re interested in. You mentioned that your main question was, how long do babies use swings? Hopefully, that question and others have been answered for you and you’re more careful when choosing a swing for your baby.

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