When To Stop Using Playpen Step Guide ?

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When To Stop Using Playpen
Finding an ideal playpen gives the best game-changer but the main question is how long do babies use playpens. It makes sure the children are safe at all times. When a baby is confined, you can concentrate on your work with certainty of their safety. However, you need to ensure your child is not bored while in the playpen. This review will teach you different aspects concerning the use of a playpen and when to stop using playpen.

What is the purpose of a playpen?

Playpens offer a safe environment which is great for people to place their babies when they start moving around. This means the playpen will hold them for at least five minutes while you cook dinner or the bathroom. There are different kinds of playpens in the market today. They are easily converted into the baby gate while others work as changing secondary stations.

Steps/Methods when to stop using the playpen ?

Before you embark on when is best to stop using a playpen, it is good for you to know the important steps to help you to setup and use your playpen in the right manner.
  • First, playpens are never the best places for one to put their babies. Though they give effective services to babies, they as well have risks for toddlers and infants. When the playpen is used incorrectly, the baby is likely to get trapped in them.
  • The major problems which are linked to the use of playpens include suffocation. There are times when babies are strangled by the metal bars and mesh openings that are loose. Again. The crib beddings get to suffocate them because of the blankets and pillows which are made of soft materials.
  • With a playpen cover, you will be certain of your child’s safety. The cover should be placed on top of a playpen. Ensure each of the sides is pressed down to give great security from the different frames. When it comes to tightening, make sure that all the different edges are tight. The Velcro strip present on the ends should be pressed until to hear a click.
  • Again, ensure there is no extra fabric that gets to hang on any of the sides. You will achieve this as you fold all the excess and visible underneath that offers a snug and extra fit.

When it comes to cleaning the playpen ? the important things for you to understand include:

  • Make sure you put the playpen in your bathtub and then put warm water to the brim. Besides, add some dish soap to the warm water.
  • Leave your playpen for around 3 minutes to soak and then take it out of the tub. Make sure you scrub any stains and dirt present using a sponge and an old toothbrush. When you rinse, you will eradicate all the different traces before putting back the playpen. Others are likely to result in skin irritation.
  • You need to thoroughly wipe the different surfaces using a clean towel. This way, dryness will take place to completion. Always ensure these materials are wet at all times as you engage in the cleaning process. When you engage in this process, you will ensure the materials making the playpen are hard and free from bacteria. This way, you will give adequate protection to your baby from all kinds of sickness.
  • If the playpen bottom is made of mesh, you may clean it while in an indoor or outdoor enclosure. Always make sure it is adequate for the rabbits to hop in with minimal effort.
  • Give the playpen time to ensure the mixture soaks inappropriately. After a night, you may then put it in a sunny place and let it dry before you embark on the reassembling process. Thus, you will avoid all kinds of bacteria from forming up with ease. The bacteria would otherwise bring about sickness.

The best procedure for you to eradicate all the stains present in your playpen entails:

  • There are different ways in which you may eradicate stains from your playpen mat. Besides, some methods work much better compared to others. This review will help you determine how the different methods work. With this procedure, you will eradicate all the stubborn spots without causing any kind of damages to the fabric or without leading to discoloration.
  • Make use of dish soap and water. In case the stains are tough, a person should use warm water. In the case of spraying, make use of hydrogen peroxide. Before you rinse, leave the pen aside for 30 minutes.

It is high time you now get to determine when to stop using playpen on your baby ?

-Many parents get to ask what is the most suitable time for them to stop using a playpen and when is baby too old for playpen. With a playpen, you will have an assurance of the safety of your baby as you attend to other chores. The best time for one to stop using the playpen is around two years. At this time, you ought to give your child the chance to become independent as they explore around.
-When the child is about 16 months and knowns, you may slowly start on the transition process and this is the best answer on how long do babies use playpens. This applies to all kids apart from the ones that require extra support to help them jump with ease. In this case, you will need to look for a larger playpen that will hold your child safely.
-As the child uses toys in an enclosed play yard or activity center, you will give them the chance to explore. In this case, they will get the chance of feeling and touch the different objects in their surroundings. Besides, when is baby too big for pack n play depends on every child overall progress in growth.
-The play yard normally has different uses, especially for babies who have overgrown and thus cannot use a crib. It is best to consider turning the crib into a bed. This way, your kid may continue using the crib until you think they have overgrown it too.

Are playpens physically or mentally damaging?

Some studies have proven that some of the children placed often on the playpen get to experience delays in their development. In this case, you are likely to suffer from physical and mental harm.


Before you embark on the use of a playpen, make sure the assembling process is done in the right manner. Besides, ensure you follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer, age restrictions, and playpen’s weight. Again, the playpen ought to have a label that cites the date, model, and manufacturer.


You now have answers to all your question regarding the use of a playpen and when to stop using playpen and when is baby too old for playpen. It is thus my belief that you can now use a playpen safely and get to keep it clean. Also, you know the best time to use a playpen on your child.

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