When to Stop Using Baby Monitor Step By Step Guide ?

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when to stop using baby monitor
Are you wondering when to stop using baby monitor? When to stop using a baby monitor is a common question for parents who have young children. Without a doubt, a baby monitor can be an effective way to track your child’s activities and behavior when they are in another room. It can be helpful during certain times in your child’s life.
However, as children get older, there comes the point where it might not be necessary anymore. There are a few things to consider before giving up your baby monitor. But before then, let’s go through what you need to do to stop using the baby monitor.

When to Stop Using Baby Monitor ?

Several indications will tell you it is time to remove the baby monitor. If your child has entered school, you can take off your watch. A baby monitor may be used as an aid at some point. However, you can stop using the baby monitor;
  • If your child is old enough to go to school, then they no longer need a watch guard on them all day long.
  • You should also stop using the baby monitor if your child learns how to follow the rules and goes through their daily routine without much guidance anymore.
  • Children who learn how to do things on their own will feel more independent than those who still need parents nearby telling them what to do.
But at what age do you get rid of the baby monitor? Well, it all depends on the above points. However, the earliest you can ditch the baby monitor is when your baby can sleep through the night without waking up, around six months. At this age, the baby’s sound is also loud enough to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Steps/Methods to Stop Using the Baby Monitor

You need to figure out why you need the baby monitor in the first place. Then consider if there is another way to deal with it or replace it. Often, we use a baby monitor as a crutch because we feel we cannot trust our children to behave without them knowing about it. So, here are the few things you will need to do when considering to stop using a baby monitor:

1. Train yourself not to use it

The first step is to train yourself not to use it. While this might seem like a daunting task, you need to set rules for yourself that will help you decide if and when it would be appropriate or necessary to use the baby monitor. For example, determine how many minutes into playing alone in their room before turning on the baby monitor. Will they be able to check in every five minutes? Then once you’re there, only stay long enough for them to report back about their progress instead of compulsively watching them as they play.

2. Use alternative means such as video monitors

If you feel as though you cannot trust your child or children to behave without watching them constantly, then perhaps buying a video monitor would be more suitable than a baby monitor. This is something quite similar to a baby monitor, only there’s no static, and you can see everything your child does in their room while they’re playing alone. There are also ones that will send notifications straight to your phone if it detects movement or face-to-face contact with other objects or people.

3. Set limits that don't require constant surveillance

Maybe you need a break from constantly watching the kids play. In this case, an excellent place to start would be setting limits on when they can be left without supervision or limiting the amount of time spent playing alone in their rooms. But make sure these rules are not too strict because you may end up going back to using a baby monitor again if your children throw tantrums after not getting their way.

4. Replace it with an alarm

An alternative to the baby monitor is using an alarm. The reason why you should consider using an alarm instead of a baby monitor is that it’s not passive and requires more interaction than just putting on a static image for your kids.
You can set up different kinds of alarms depending on what suits your children best, such as one that will trigger when they talk too loudly or another when motion detectors sense movement in certain areas where they might be getting into trouble when you turn off your baby monitor.
The good news about this method is that you don’t have to clean up after them but rather prevent further problems by setting rules before anything happens to avoid needing constant surveillance through a baby monitor.

5. Instill discipline into them

Have you been staying up all night checking whether your child is okay? If this is so, then you have been spoiling your child because of your lack of trust. You should consider training yourself to stop using a baby monitor by instead staying up until a specific time or until they fall asleep peacefully before going back to bed yourselves.
You will need to set up rules and boundaries and enforce discipline when they do not follow them. This way, you can teach them how to control their behavior and actions and stay in bed when you turn off your baby monitor.

6. Don't give in to their demands

This is a significant reason you might be using the baby monitor because your children demand that you constantly watch them. There will be times when they have tantrums or throw themselves on the floor just so that they can get attention from you. In these cases, it’s best not to give in and buckle under pressure because this spoils them even more. Instead, you should ignore their outbursts and, if possible, leave the room without any explanation or response at all.

7. Make your baby feel safe in their room

Are your children afraid to stay in their rooms alone? Most kids fear the dark and need to sleep with a nightlight or flashlight beside them. You can start by ensuring no dark, hidden areas in their rooms where they could get hurt when playing around without supervision. In addition, you can add some security measures such as installing peepholes so that they know they’re being watched from far away when they hear any suspicious noises or struggle when playing with friends. That way, the baby doesn’t need the safe to sleep monitor device anymore.


You cannot stop using a baby monitor overnight; you will need to train yourself slowly over time. Start by staying up for shorter periods and work your way up to when they’re asleep before going back to bed.


As you can see, there are ways to stop the dependency on using a baby monitor. Just make sure that whatever rules or boundaries you set down for yourself are manageable and within your family’s capacity to follow them. Having discipline is half the battle won. Let go of some control for once and let your children become independent little beings capable of taking care of themselves.

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