How to Mount a Baby Monitor on Wall Without Drilling Step by Step Guide ?

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How to Mount a Baby Monitor on Wall without Drilling
Mounting a video baby monitor is the perfect solution and secure way of monitoring your baby. Because it provides you with an accurate birds-eye view while attending to other critical issues at home. Besides, it allows your baby to grow independently without too much of your presence around her. To help you with that, do you know how to mount a baby monitor and how do baby monitors work on the wall without drilling the wall?

Mounting A Video Baby Monitor

First, before we guide you on how to mount a baby monitor, make sure you assemble the right tools and equipment in place. They include;

Baby Monitor Wall Mounts

Where you mount your baby, monitor is critical because it determines the accuracy of the view and safety of your kid. Hence, we strongly recommend using a baby monitor wall mount that allows you to mount it without drilling the wall. There are different types of baby monitor wall mounts; Universal wall mount, Infant optic wall mount, best baby monitor for twins and infant optic door mount. A universal wall mount would be the best option because it holds flash to the wall with an adhesive strip and is very easy to install without any tools. Infant optic door mount is a good option if you don’t want to mount the baby monitor on the wall and convenient if you want to monitor in any room. Simply, hang it on the door. In contrast, the infant optic wall mount comes with two pins to insert the baby monitor in the wall without leaving holes.

Baby Monitor Stands.

Baby monitor stands are also the best alternative if you do not want to mount your baby monitor on the wall. Baby monitor stands also provide an accurate view because it has a clamp where to mount and hold your baby monitor. Nonetheless, it is easily removable, portable, and has a flexible arm that bends to provide you with a perfect view-angle position. Due to this, baby monitor stands are reliable and convenient when you go on vacation or want to monitor your crawling baby.

Baby Monitor Cable and Outlet Covers

After choosing the ideal mounting option, it would be helpful to consider your baby’s safety; especially when you mount the baby monitor. As the baby grows, they become curious, making them not healthy safe when they touch things within their reach. Therefore, you need to secure or childproof your baby monitor cable and an electrical outlet. We recommend using electrical outlet covers and cable covers to childproof your baby monitor cable and electrical outlet. You can either use a cable cover or a cable sleeve to secure the baby monitor cable because they help to conceal the loose cable. For an electrical outlet, you can easily secure it using an electrical outlet cover, power strip outlet cover, or electrical plug cover.

How to Mount a Baby Monitor on Wall without Drilling ?

If you want to mount a baby monitor, kindly follow our step-by-step guide below;

1. Find the Perfect Spot Where to Mount Baby Monitor

Before you start mounting the baby monitor, you need to assess the room to help you find the perfect spot where to mount the baby monitor. Your perfect spot should allow you to adjust the monitor at different angles and be free from any physical harm or interference. This provides the video monitor with an open and perfect view-angle that focuses on each detail in your baby’s room. In addition, it should also allow you to adjust the camera to a higher or lower angle. It will help you monitor newborn babies easily while asleep at a higher angle. As they grow, you need to lower the camera to maximally watch your baby while playing because they are curious and move around too much. Moreover, the baby monitor, in particular, should be placed at least six ft. away from your child to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

2. Figure Out the Mounting System

After identifying your perfect mounting space, figure out which installation mounting system is ideal for your needs. Since our subject is to mount a baby mount without drilling into the wall, you can opt for a wall mount or stand system. However, ensure the system you choose includes all the necessary accessories to help you mount the baby monitor successfully. It would be wise to use baby monitor stands if you have a toddler because it is portable and convenient. Meaning you can move the monitor to any room and mount it on the door to help you monitor or carry it with you wherever you go. Contrarily, for newborns and babies below the age of 6-months wall, mount system is the best.

3. Check-out the Power Source

This step is crucial because it determines if your perfect spot is ideal depending on how you will tap the power. The power source is a critical element because it is where you will connect your video camera to an electrical outlet. Therefore, you should check your perfect spot is near the power source or if the baby monitor reaches the power source. If the baby monitor does not reach the outlet, you should look for another spot where it can reach the outlet. If there is no other perfect spot apart from that, we recommend you use an extension cord. We strongly discourage using an extension cord because toddlers may play with them, use it to wrap around things, or strangle themselves while playing with it.

4. How to Mount a Baby Monitor ?

After confirming you are satisfied with the above steps, go ahead and mount your baby monitor. When mounting the camera for a newborn, it’s best to place it vertically to the crib to give you a good view while she is asleep. Once they start to sit or crawl, slightly lower the camera and angle it to monitor better their movement around the space they are confined within. Secondly, make sure you test the view angle and sound by holding the baby monitor where you want to mount it. This is important to allow you to observe and hear your baby from that location correctly. Mounting your baby monitor in a corner close to your ceiling is usually the best as it provides a wide viewing angle rich in details.

5. Childproofing

Childproofing provides a safe and healthy environment for your child against any potential hazards. Moreover, it prevents them from tampering with anything within their reach. Electric cables and electric outlets possess a potential strangulation hazard for toddlers or babies aged 6-months and above. Therefore, ensure that you childproof/ secure the extension and electric outlet with cable and electrical outlet covers. Secondly, the baby monitor, in particular, should be placed at least six ft. away from your child to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Also, you shouldn’t place anything with a cord within reach or near your baby and inside or near the edge of your baby cot to avoid harming your baby.

Precautions to Consider When Mounting a Baby Monitor ?

When mounting a video baby monitor, here are things to consider for safety;
  • Request a helping hand when installing a baby monitor camera for an efficient and successful installation.
  • Do not let kids approach near the installation area.
  • The spot where you mount the baby monitor should provide a perfect viewing angle that reveals more details, and you can hear your baby.
  • Ensure you childproof electrical outlet and monitor cable to prevent risks.
  • You shouldn't place anything with a cord within reach or near your baby and inside or near the edge of your baby cot to avoid harming your baby.
  • The baby monitor should be mounted at least six ft. away from their cot.


Provided you consider all the factors, the steps mentioned above will guide you on how to mount a baby monitor. Besides, from our step-by-step guide, you will learn that mounting a baby monitor camera is not a daunting task. However, securing all the loose cables and when to stop using baby monitor should be your priority after mounting the baby monitor. That’s because there are many reported cases kids have succumbed to death caused by wrongly mounted baby monitors and loose cords.

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